Can YOU do THE very best job without THE very best equipment?

No one can.  That’s why we have the most powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning and tile & grout cleaning system in the
world.  Custom designed & built by the very best engineers and mechanics in the USA.  
Every component has been
meticulously perfected so you receive the very best cleaning in the United States.  And here's a little more proof:

24 years in the business & $85,000+ Truck mounted equipment!
Cedar Rapids & Iowa City's most powerful truck mount
American Dream - World Class Carpet & rug cleaners
Cedar Rapids - Iowa City - Marion
(319) 350-5530
Marshalltown - Grinnell-  Newton (641) 691-6855
Ames (515) 238-4441
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Bill, Ray & Gloria Harris
Best Carpet Cleaning equipment in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Marshalltown, Marion
Iowa, Ames IA,  North Liberty, Mount Vernon IA, Solon IA, Newton, Toledo IA,
Hiawatha, Robins, Grinnell & Tama.
The only carpet & tile cleaners in the area
offering all this & more!:

  • The owners will be on every job making sure everything is
    perfect and you are absolutely thrilled.
  • See our 14 step carpet cleaning procedure.
  • We use a 49 point checklist to insure a perfect job.
  • 400 horsepower driven carpet cleaning equipment!= Deeper,
    better clean, quicker drying.
  • 395 degree Fahrenheit. cleaning power = much more through
    cleaning, quicker drying.
  • Super Heated Steam Rinse = no residue left in your carpets.  
    They are soft and clean and will not re-soil quickly.  Almost everyone
    else uses a cleaning agent in their final step.
  • Ultra purified rinse.  We filter and soften our water so that it is
    purer than my tap water = Impeccably clean carpets, tile and grout.
  • Rotary extraction with a $3500 Hydramaster Rx-20
  • 360 cleaning passes per minute = other companies use a hand tool
    to go over your carpets once or twice if you are lucky.
  • Proprietary pre-spray - a combination of 4 awesome products that
    remove soils, proteins, fats, grease & even what other companies
    call "un-removable stains".
  • We agitate the pre-spray so that it completely coats the carpet fiber
    and cleans all the way to the base and the top side of the backing.
  • 800 Cubic Feet per Minute vacuum @ an incredible power of
    15 inches of lift! = MUCH more effective cleaning and drying.
  • We set up powerful Whole Room Drying fans to speed up the
  • We set up wall gards and walk off mats to protect your wood and
    tile floors.
  • Scotch Gard and Microban Disinfectant on our Standard Package.
  • The area's best written garantee - You will be thrilled or you don't
    owe us a dime.
  • We follow up on every job to make sure you were happy
Cedar Rapids - Iowa City (319)-350-5530
by Bill Harris