Who Cares as much as passionate Owners?
2 generations of experience and excellence!
"Your carpet, tile & grout & home
will be
expertly cleaned & cared
for by the owners, Ray & Bill
You'll be THRILLED with
our Superb Service and your
Immaculate,  fresh & clean
carpets, tile & grout in your home
& business - 100% Guaranteed.  
If not we will
GLADLY come back
free of charge until you are. If you
are still not thrilled then you don't
owe us a dime.
24 years

Very proudly Cleaning for
over 2837 of the most
prestigious family's in
Cedar Rapids, Iowa City,
Marshalltown, Marion IA,
Ames,  North Liberty,
Mount Vernon, Lisbon
Solon, Toledo, Hiawatha,
Robins & Grinnell, Tama,
Newton & Neveda, IA.

Certified & Master
  • Expert Carpet cleaners
  • Pet Urine Elimination
  • Tile & Grout cleaning  
  • Rug cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning  
  • Water Damage   
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Bonded & $1Million
Ray, Gloria, Bill, Brenda & Sam
Harris - Owners, American
Dream - World Class Clean
Carpets, Rugs & Tile.
The best carpet & rug cleaning - 100% guaranteed
- you will be thrilled or you don't owe us a dime.
AMAZING display of Cedar Rapids' finest carpet cleaning and rug cleaning.
American Dream - World Class Carpet & rug cleaners
Cedar Rapids
 (319) 350-5530
Cedar Rapids & Iowa City's most powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment
Cedar Rapids best carpet cleaners, Bill and Ray Harris
The only carpet & tile cleaners in the area
offering all this & more!:

  • The owners will be on every job making sure everything is perfect
    and you are absolutely thrilled.
  • See our 14 step carpet cleaning procedure.
  • We use a 49 point checklist to insure a perfect job.
  • 400 horsepower driven carpet cleaning equipment!= Deeper,
    better clean, quicker drying.
  • 395 degree Fahrenheit. cleaning power = much more through
    cleaning, quicker drying.
  • Super Heated Steam Rinse = no residue left in your carpets.  They are
    soft and clean and will not re-soil quickly.  Almost everyone else uses a
    cleaning agent in their final step.
  • Ultra purified rinse.  We filter and soften our water so that it is purer
    than my tap water = Impeccably clean carpets, tile and grout.
  • Rotary extraction with a $3500 Hydramaster Rx-20
  • 360 cleaning passes per minute = other companies use a hand tool to go
    over your carpets once or twice if you are lucky.
  • Proprietary pre-spray - a combination of 4 awesome products that
    remove soils, proteins, fats, grease & even what other companies call
    "un-removable stains".
  • We agitate the pre-spray so that it completely coats the carpet fiber and
    cleans all the way to the base and the top side of the backing.
  • 800 Cubic Feet per Minute vacuum @ an incredible power of 15
    inches of lift! = MUCH more effective cleaning and drying.
  • We set up powerful Whole Room Drying fans to speed up the drying.
  • We set up wall gards and walk off mats to protect your wood and tile
  • Scotch Gard and Microban Disinfectant on our Standard Package.
  • The area's best written garantee - You will be thrilled or you don't
    owe us a dime.
  • We follow up on every job to make sure you were happy
Bill Harris, Owner -  Cedar
Rapids, Marion & Iowa
City areas finest carpet,
tile & grout cleaning -
American Dream
New Clients
get $ 20 or 10% off!  Please
call, text or email now
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Bill, Ray & Gloria Harris
Ray & Gloria Harris-Owners
Marshalltown, Newton, Grinnell and Des
Moines' finest carpet, tile & grout
cleaning - American Dream
Coupon for Cedar Rapids best carpet cleaners
New Clients
get $ 20 or 10% off!  Please
call, text or email now
Thank you!  
Bill, Brenda, Ray & Gloria Harris
Carpet cleaning coupon for Cedar Rapids best carpet cleaners
Cedar Rapids Carpet cleaners - American Dream - World Class Clean
Cedar Rapids - (319) 350-5530  
2020 Sylvia Ave.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402  
          Des Moines  (515) 238-4441
We start our days with this pledge.

Our highest purpose at American Dream is to provide
truly excellent
carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, pet
urine cleaning and water damage services and genuine care and concern
for each of our beloved benefactors, our clients, who are hopefully become
our friends. We will take perfect care for their homes.  We know and enjoy
proving the inevitable fact that if we serve others incredibly well then we will
be incredibly successful and proud.

We Pledge to provide the very finest personal service and meticulous
cleaning for our client/friends who will always enjoy a warm, kind and friendly
atmosphere, superb service and total honesty in caring for their home.

The American Dream experience relieves any fears of our being in our
client/friends home, puts them at ease, instills confidence in us, refreshes
great pride in their home, provides an unsurpassed fresh, clean feeling and
fulfills all of the expressed and even the unexpressed wishes and needs of
our clent/freind.

We wish you a VERY HAPPY YEAR!   May you create deep peace,
great joy, kindness, tons of fun and loads of happiness!!!

American Dream - World Class Carpet & rug cleaners
Cedar Rapids - Marion
(319) 350-5530
Iowa City (319) 936-1800

Carpet cleaners Cedar Rapids, the very best carpet & rug cleaners - 100% guaranteed.

"Tell Bill I know A LOT of Cedar Rapids carpet cleaners & I feel blessed to have him." - Cathy Hill, a top Iowa Realtor.

"Wow! The carpet Looks GREAT!" - Iowa's Congressman Leach's Office.

Most powerful carpet cleaning machines in the country $85,000 worth!


Feb 18, 2013 by Mark Steiger
American Dream Carpet Cleaning
(319) 350-5530
2020 Sylvia Ave.
Cedar Rapids IA, 52214

My wife and I really respect professionals that take pride in their given craft. We've been extremely happy with American Dream's service and quality. I've recommended AD many times to friends and family, which I rarely do when it comes to professional services. Keep up the great work!

Cedar Rapids carpet cleaners -  5 star customer rating for the area's #1 carpet cleaners, American Dream
Carpet cleaners Cedar Rapids & Iowa City's 5 star google customer rating
cedar rapids very finest carpet cleaners.
carpet cleaning at Cedar Rapids' Collins Road Theater
Carpet cleaning at Cedar Rapids' Collins Road Theater
Carpet cleaners, Cedar Rapids best rotary extraction and best carpet cleaning machines
Be an educated consumer - everything you need to know as a consumer in
less than a minute:

  • If you stop in consider the design of carpet for a second, it is a thick "jungle" of very tightly twisted
    small fibers. The dirt quickly ends up down at the bottom and in the middle of the tightly twisted
    fibers.  Then the thick matt of fiber becomes a nearly inpenatrable canopy. Just making one or two
    cleaning passes in one direction is not going to remove most of the dirt. This is how almost all
    "professional" carpet cleaning companies clean carpet. To penetrate to the base of the jungle floor
    you need extreme vacuum power, unbelievable heat, powerful agitation and many, many cleaning
    passes from every direction. There are only 3 proven cleaning tools that fit this bill. The older RX-
    20 and the Drimaster both by Hydramaster and the newer Rotovac 360. After owning and thoroughly
    using all 3 I know that the Rotovac 360 is the very best.
  • We improved the very best rotary extractor on the planet to double the number of cleaning passes to
    12 per second!  Each piece of carpet is under the tool for right at 2 seconds = 24 cleaning passes vs.
    an average of one (or two if you are real lucky) with the other guys.
  • The rotary design cleans from every angle exposing all parts of the "jungle" floor.

New Rotovac 360! - We are always innovating to be the cutting edge and among the very
best carpet cleaners in the whole nation.
"...we can't believe it. That was
SERIOUSLY ground in oil
and dirt. It's truly amazing what you
We LOVE it and you guys
- Collins Road Theaters
by Bill Harris