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The process & how incredibly quickly your fine fabrics and
carpet are damaged beyond repair during normal use.
Bill  Harris, Owner of Cedar Rapids &
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ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I CAN DO FOR YOU is to help you understand the process & how
incredibly quickly your fine fabrics and carpet are damaged beyond repair during normal use, so you can prevent thousands
of dollars of loss.

All carpet & upholstery fibers are very smooth when they are new.  This is why they look appealing & lustrous.

They are also MUCH softer than almost all of the gritty grime and dirt that fall on them.  When this is combined with normal
use by walking on your flooring or sitting on your upholstery it is very hard on the fiber.  When we wak we grind all of our
weight onto a few square inches of fiber. The gritty dirt is ground against your nice, expensive, soft and smooth fibers and
VERY quickly the surface is scratched. Now the fiber reflects less light and it reflects it in many different angles, less comes
back to your eye, and the surface appears “dull” or “dingy”.  To make matters even worse, these fibers will much more
readily trap and hold dirt, speeding the abrasive damage that each step will cause in the future.  Once the fiber is scratched
there is no effective way to repair it.  

The only real solution is to regularly scheduled cleaning to remove the dirt.  For average soil situations this means
vacuuming daily and professional deep cleaning every 6 to 12 months. Please understand that home vacuums do not have
NEAR enough power to move ANY air at the base of the fiber where all of the dirt is.  This is very easily understood by
walking into a forest when it is very windy and noticing how still the air is inside the forest.  Carpet fiber is even much more
dense. Put your hand over the end of the suction hose of a vacuum & is easy to see that a 110 volt home vacuum does not
stand a chance to move enough air at the very base of the fiber to effect any cleaning. Even the standard professional
systems are not enough to remove this deep down, ground in dirt.  They work from the top down so again the fibers stop
the airflow to the deepest recesses where almost all of the dirt is.  That is why we use a rotary machine that weighs over
125 pounds.  This extra weight forces the vacuum chamber down very deep to the base of the fiber.  Our system delivers
extreme flow of cleaning and rinse solutions, 20-30 brush agitations, 20-30 rinse passes, 250 degree superheated and
purified straight steam rinse and an incredible vacuum system that forces 4 -  5 cubic feet of that steam through each piece
of carpet.  

This is what has enabled us to be the only company in the corridor that i can find to win both Angie’s list super service
award & a google 5 star review average.  We 100% guarantee you will be totally thrilled, if not we will come back until you
are.   Everyone always is but if for some reason you are not then you don’t owe us a dime.

Please take advantage of significant discounts for upgrading to our cleaning agreement. This will also help you not having
to remember when your next cleaning is due, we take care of that for you and will text, email or call to find the best time for

Thank you from all of us at American Dream - World Class Clean

Ray & Bill Harris - Owners,
American DREAM